Sequential Spelling 1

Students who can read and spell at about a second grade level will be able to effectively use Sequential Spelling 1. Students should be able to make at least phonetic guesses for spellings of words, being able to put most of the correct consonants in the words, even if the vowels are not correct.

Supplemental Word Lists & Readings for Sequential Spelling:

You can now purchase a Supplemental Word Lists & Readings for Sequential Spelling e-book for each of the levels of Sequential Spelling that contains the pages from The Patterns of English Spelling and Word Families in Sentence Context for all of the word families presented. These e-books are only $7.50 apiece and can be purchased from the AVKO Order page.

Use these supplemental books to customize your Sequential Spelling experience, to reinforce certain word families that are harder for your students, to provide additional practice for your students with vocabulary words within a contextual sentence, etc. Combined with the creative writing exercises, word games, and puzzles of Engaging Language Kits, your Sequential Spelling curriculum will be even more fun and effective.