The Teaching of Reading & Spelling: A Continuum from Kindergarten through College.

This is a textbook for parents (as well as teachers) which contains all kinds of useful information and teaching techniques not found in university courses on reading.

How Can You Use This Book?

Learn how to tutor using AVKO’s methodologies and philosophies.
Learn about
Design an (special) course for Education majors in colleges and universities.
Utilize the diagnostic tests to answer the phonics vs. whole language controversy.
Learn more about dyslexia and how to help learning disabled children learn to read and spell.
Glean ideas for research projects for your thesis or dissertation.
Learn about the 5 different types of English spelling.
Learn how to diagnose and remediate each of the different types of English spelling.
Learn about the learning to read and learning to write processes in great detail.
Learn how to use everyday and household materials to teach reading, spelling, and fluency.
Learn how to set up your own adult literacy community education program for parents who want to help their own children how to read and spell.
Learn how to teach others how to become an AVKO tutor.

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