The Patterns of English Spelling

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Index for Volumes 1-10
Volume 1 has all the short vowel CVC words such as dad, get, tin.
Volume 2 has all the short vowel CVCC words such as band, went, itch.
Volume 3 has all the long vowel (CV and VCe) words such as go, nice, tube.
Volume 4 has all the long vowel digraph words such as raid, seem, roam.
Volume 5 has all the -R and W- controlled words plus the only listing of all the insane, crazy, outlaw words from the simple was, does, and says to the less frequently used lingerie, solder, and colonel.
Volume 6 has the Basic Suffixes with words such as battle, dreadful, batter.
Volume 7 has the ending Y words such as destiny, simplify, tricky.
Volume 8 has the power suffixes. Example words are precious, partial, permission.
Volume 9 has the Advanced Patterns. Example words are technique, chauvinism, rendezvous.
Volume 10 has all the prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek roots.

How Can You Use This Book?

Quickly find all of the words in a word family.
Find additional words in a word family for additional practice or substituting out words that are already known.
Find the spelling rules for the word families currently being studied in your spelling program.
Find all of the words that follow the same syllable patterns (syllabication; e.g., CVC, CVVC) in the same volume.
Create your own spelling program with the help of Individualized Spelling’s pre-tests. See Sequential Spelling.
Use the pages from Word Families in Sentence Context to give a sentence context for your spelling program.
Note: Volumes 9 and 10 do not yet have completed contextual sentences.
Use the contextual sentences as preview or review exercises for dictation, choral reading, or individual reading.
Teach advanced vocabulary for college preparation or preparation for standardized tests or spelling bees.

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