AVKO Pretests and Placement Tests

Use these pretests and placements tests to aid in your diagnosis and remediation of problem areas in your students’ spelling and reading abilities. If there are other pretests and placement tests that you would like AVKO to create or make available, please contact us.

Rough Placement Test for Sequential Spelling (PDF)
Survey Tests for the 5 Types of English Spelling (Simple, Fancy, Insane, Tricky, and Scrunched Up) (PDF)
Individualized Spelling on SpellingCity.com
Scope and Sequence of Sequential Spelling
Sequential Spelling Evaluation Tests
Quick and Painless Reading Assessment Test

Spelling Remediation Test Kit, including 17 tests (includes all of the tests on this page)

Available from AVKO’s Order Page or on Scribd.com for $5.00:

The Following Tests Require AVKO Membership:

These tests are from The Teaching of Reading and Spelling

Pre- and Post- Diagnostic Spelling Test on 100 of the Most Common Phonograms in the English Language (PDF)
A Sentence Dictation Test That Covers Over 300 of the Most Commonly Used Words (PDF)
An L.D. Screening Device That Can be Given to Entire Schools in Less than 10 Minutes (PDF)
How to Evaluate Your Present Spelling System (PDF)

Suggested Order and Diagnosis of The 5 Types of English Spelling Patterns:

Simple words (cat, cent, back) (PDF)
Fancy words (precious, unique, initials) (PDF)
Insane words (was, laugh, Thames, lough, victuals) (PDF)
Tricky words (read/reed; read/red; except/accept) (PDF)
Scrunched Up words (wasn’t, supposed to, used to, shouldn’t have) (PDF)