Engaging Language Kits

AVKO is proud to announce that we have have introduced a new line of supplemental curriculum materials for language arts: Engaging Language Kits (by Brian McCabe). Each of these seven kits corresponds to one of the levels of Sequential Spelling to reinforce the word families learned in that level. Each kit has over 170 pages of activities for your students:

[Note: The books are not printed in color. The e-books are displayed and printable in color]

Each Engaging Language Kit has the same four sections and the same types of activities. The individual exercises grow harder as one progresses through the series. The types of activities vary in level of difficulty, abstract thought, and vocabulary so your students will not get bored or frustrated.

For younger children, the daily writing exercises can be done orally and/or dictated. The most important aspects of these exercises is engaging with the language, using the words they have learned, and forming grammatically and syntactically correct sentences.

Daily Writing
Inspire Me – Students write a story or prose inspired by the image depicted. Great for visual students.
Quotables – Students write a reaction piece to the quote given.
Story Time – Students write a story/poem/prose using the words given.
Today I Learned… – Students finish the sentence « Today I learned… ».
Hypothetical Questions – Students respond to the hypothetical (« What if… ») questions.
Personification – Students personify an abstract noun and write a story about it.
Dictation and Comprehension
Sage Sayings – Students transcribe the proverb dictated by the teacher; discussion follows.
Picture This – Students draw a picture depicting the literal or figurative meanings of the idioms given.
Pages from Word Families in Sentence Context – We have provided you with about 20 pages from Word Families in Sentence Context that give contextual sentences for some of the word families used in that volume of Sequential Spelling. They can be used for dictations, handwriting exercises, or choral reading.
Additional Quotes – In the appendix, we have provided you with a few hundred additional quotes that can be used for writing prompts, readings for comprehension, dictations, discussion, teachable moments, etc.
Word games
Name ’em – Students are given a string of letters. They name as many words as they can that have these letters in them, in order.
Scramblers – Students make as many words as they can out of the word given, using some or all of the letters.
Word Searches – Students search for the words in the grid of letters. The words used are those tested on in the evaluation tests of Sequential Spelling.
Speech to Spelling Translation – This is an unusual exercise where the students must translate the sentences, written phonetically, into proper English.
Family Reunion – Students must use logic and their knowledge of spelling to put the missing letters back into the words given, using the bank of word parts. Each word part is only used once.
Members have access to the Answer Keys for these exercises
Unscramblers – Students unscramble the words given. Multiple answers may be necessary. We recommend that you give extra points for multiple answers.
Members have access to the Answer Keys for these exercises
Alphabet Game – Thinking of the prompt given, students must list an item in that category for each letter of the alphabet.
Helpful Appendix Items for Even More Activities and Prompts

Though these activities correspond to each of the levels of Sequential Spelling, one needn’t be teaching Sequential Spelling to use these exercises with students. They can complement any language arts curriculum or used just for fun! They ascend in level of difficulty with each volume (difficulty of the words used, level of abstract thought, word families presented, etc.).

Each Engaging Language Kit costs only $12.95 ($79.95 for 1-7) and comes in a 3-ring binder for easy access to the worksheets. E-book versions are $8.95 ($54.95 for 1-7). Order from the Materials Catalog.

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ISBNs for ELKs:

1-7: 1-56400-388-4
1: 1-56400-381-7
2: 1-56400-382-5
3: 1-56400-383-3
4: 1-56400-384-1
5: 1-56400-385-X
6: 1-56400-386-8
7: 1-56400-387-6