Word Families in Sentence Context

Word Families in Sentence Context may be used in many different ways. For example, you may read one sentence and your student/s read the next. You may read them together as choral readings. You may read the sentence and then your student/s read the sentence after you. Notice that the target phonic pattern is easily spotted in the target words in the left hand column. The eyes can easily detect the similarities and differences instantly. Then the word is found in sentences that follow speech patterns. This makes it easier for a child’s mind to utilize language experiences and anticipate the words being used. To prove to yourself the power of this technique, check to see if a student can read the word « attacking. » If the student can’t, then start at the beginning with the read-along-with-me technique. By the time you get to the word attacking your student will be able to read it instantly.

Word Families in Sentence Context

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Example from book, page 214:
lack Does Jack lack a concern for others named Jack or Jackson?
lacks What the world lacks is love.
lacked Zack’s sister has never lacked for anything. She has everything.
lacking Something is lacking in your answer to my question.
slacking At times, almost all of us are guilty of slacking off.
slacked My brother Jack has really slacked off in his work. He retired.
slacks I really like the pair of slacks you’re wearing. They’re cool.
slack The rope is much too slack. Tighten it. Take up the slack.
black I don’t mind watching TV programs in black and white.
Blacks I know Blacks named White and Whites named Black.
sacks My sister carried in all three sacks of groceries by herself.
sacked My brother Jack got sacked by his boss for being an hour late.
sacking My sister thinks sacking groceries can be a fun job.


My sister Jackie is always tacking up some stupid papers.

Did you see what the teacher tacked up on the board?

Did you know that they charge sales tax on thumb tacks?

It’s not so funny when it’s you who sits on a thumb tack.

Everybody should learn how to attack problems.

Heart attacks can be serious. Do you know C.P.R.?

Jack and I were attacked by a pack of angry caterpillars.

You shouldn’t always be attacking what I say.

Zack must be stacking the deck, but I can’t catch him at it.

I know Zack stacked the deck. He packed it with aces.
stack It’s not nice to stack a deck—unless it’s for a card trick.

Jack doesn’t like to back up—or back you up, either.
backs I hope Jack backs down and backs you up.

Jack backed his car into a tree. He really racked it up
backing I hope Jack gets some backing pretty soon.

Birds around here are snacking on grubs, worms, and maggots.
snacked My crazy brother snacked on ice cream with mustard and catsup.

Jack should have packed up his things an hour ago.
racked Last night Jackie racked up Jack’s car and blamed me for it.

When Jackie looked at herself in the mirror, it cracked.

The duck quacked for crackers.