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E-books are digital files of books that can be read on one's computer.  AVKO's materials can be purchased in either a hard copy or e-book format.  AVKO's e-books are in Adobe PDF format; one must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on his computer in order to open the e-books.   E-books are an alternative to the books or an accompaniment.

Membership e-books:

The e-books that come free with membership do not need to be ordered separately via the online shopping cart.  You will be able to download these e-books from the members' section (login required).

E-books may be purchased two different ways:

  1. For immediate download: Use the separate e-book order form to buy your e-books.  You will create a username and password to access and download your e-books immediately after payment completion.  You will need to create a new username and password if you are already a member or have been a member in the past.
  2. E-mailed delivery: Use the standard order form to purchase physical materials (DVDs, CDs, and books) and e-books at the same time. 

Download your purchased e-books (purchased using the e-book order form):

You will receive an automated e-mail within a few minutes from Brian [at] avko [dot] org with a subject line of "AVKO | Thank you for your e-book purchase (E###)" (where the "###" lists the product number of the e-book purchased).  In this e-mail, you will find a link or several links to download your e-book(s).  If it is a collection of e-books, you will have an option to download a single .zip file (that needs to be "extracted" or "decompressed") or several, individual .pdf files.  You will need to login using the username and password you created (which are also listed in the e-mail for your reference).  Please check your spam folder if you do not see the e-mail within a few minutes.  You can also access your e-books from your member profile or the e-book download page.

A few reasons you may wish to obtain an e-book version of AVKO materials:

  • Shipping is free for e-books.  This is especially nice for people looking to keep within their educational budget or who live outside of the United States.
  • E-books are sent (and delivered via e-mail) much faster than hard copy books.
  • E-books save paper.
  • E-books support the AVKO Foundation and its goals of promoting literacy and low-cost educational materials for dyslexics, homeschoolers, and educators more so than hard copy books because of the reduced overhead (labor and manufacturing costs). 
  • E-books are searchable.  Find the page you were looking for with a simple search on the computer. 

E-books are sent out within one to two business days of your order if you use the standard order form.  Use the separate e-book order form for instant access.  Be sure to verify that your e-mail address is typed in correctly and that your mailbox has enough storage space.  If your e-mail provider requires that you "whitelist" e-mail addresses, please add the following addresses to be sure that you receive your e-books:

Brian [at] avko [dot] org, avkosueat [at] aol [dot] com, and sue [at] avko [dot] org

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