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AVKO has researched English spelling for over 35 years.  Over the course of those years, we have developed a wide array of resources and materials for the teaching of spelling -- for homeschoolers, school educators, and special education teachers.  Depending on the levels of customization and teacher involvement you need for your spelling program, we have a variety of materials to meet your needs. 

Resources for All Your Spelling Needs

Teacher Involved
Pre-Packaged; Limited Teacher Involvement Specific Problem Areas Completely Customized; Teacher Involved Other Resources
Sequential Spelling 1-7

Learn more about Sequential Spelling.

Sequential Spelling
on DVD


The Tricky Words

Learn More

Create your own Sequential Spelling program with AVKO Membership materials

Learn how to create
your program

The Patterns of English Spelling

E-book FREE with membership


Sequential Spelling for Adults


Become an AVKO member to access supplemental materials, including readings for comprehension, worksheets, and the versatile book, Word Families in Sentence Context

The I Before E Set

Become an AVKO member to access the spelling and reference materials necessary to create your own Sequential Spelling-like tests, including The Patterns of English Spelling. The Mechanics of English Spelling


If it is to be, it is up to me to do it


  Speech to Spelling

Individualized Spelling


220 Names/Faces (Dolch Words)


Where to Start Based on Skill Level:

For students who do not have a basic grasp of phonics (roughly estimated as below 2nd grade level); for students who need additional help with phonics:
For 2nd grade levels up: Start with Sequential Spelling 1.

Note: We generally recommend that everyone starts at level 1 if they can read/spell at a 2nd grade level.
For older teens / adults: Start with If it is to be, it is up to me to do it if confidence needs to be built due to years of feeling inadequate because of poor spelling/reading skills.

Continue on to Sequential Spelling 2 after completing If it is to be...

Consider using the DVD Version.

For adults / those with limited time to learn spelling: Use Sequential Spelling for Adults or create your own spelling program.

The word families taught in Sequential Spelling 1-7 are condensed into two volumes, available in one book.

Consider using the DVD Version of Sequential Spelling.

For students who only have random gaps in spelling proficiency: Use Individualized Spelling combined with The Patterns of English Spelling (FREE as an E-book with membership) to create your own customized Sequential Spelling program.

See also Speech to Spelling.

For students who struggle with choosing the right homophone in spelling (they're vs. their, e.g.): Use The Tricky Words to address those homophone spelling problems.

Pre-tests for Tricky Words (PDF)

These homophones are also presented throughout Sequential Spelling.

For students who struggle with the I Before E rule, Apostrophes, or its vs. it's / two vs. to vs. too Use The I Before E Rule Set which includes 3 books in 1: The Complete I Before E Rule, Apostrophes Made Easy, and It-ss & Tooze Made Easy.

See also The Tricky Words.

Other Materials:

Other Resources:

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