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Get Involved in the Fight Against Illiteracy, Dyslexia

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If you are passionate about, frustrated by, or just want to help with the fight against illiteracy and dyslexia, this is the place where you find out how to join the fight and help our nation, our children, and ourselves overcome the problems associated with these problems.   No matter what your experience, level of education, or amount of free time and resources are, we can use your help.  

To become an AVKO Board Member, please fill out our Volunteer Application:  DOC  PDF

Ways to help yourself be a better teacher:

  • Learn all that you can about AVKO's philosophies by reading this website and the AVKO printed materials. 
  • Teach your children/students with AVKO materials.
  • Become a member of the AVKO Foundation.
    • This not only helps support the Foundation's philanthropic pursuits and day-to-day expenses, but also allows you access to many materials to help you teach your children/students.
  • Become a trained AVKO Tutor.  Contact Don McCabe for more information. 
  • Attend workshops put on by AVKO. 
    • You can also request or sponsor an AVKO workshop or conference.  .
  • Utilize the resources at ARCC by Edvantia on parent involvement, especially their parent involvement podcasts.

Ways to help your community:

  • Organize, host, or sponsor an AVKO workshop.
  • Organize an adult community education course for your community.
  • Become a trained AVKO Tutor and provide free or low-cost tutoring for those in your community. 
    • Contact Don McCabe for more information. 
    • Train others how to tutor in the AVKO way.
  • Send the web address of the AVKO website to those whom you think could benefit from AVKO's materials and services.  Be sure to send the specific web pages you find most helpful and how you personally have benefited from AVKO's services and materials. 
  • Request that your local homeschool and educational supply stores carry AVKO materials.  Point them to our Retailer Resources page, where we have information on how to become a distributor, advertising materials for print and website, and pricing information.
  • Request that your local schools use AVKO materials in their classrooms and disability resource rooms. 
  • Request that a catalog be sent to those you think would be interested in AVKO or those who might wish to use or carry AVKO materials.  Visit our catalog request page to download a PDF and e-mail that as an attachment or type in their addresses and AVKO will send them out.
  • Contact your local radio stations, TV, and print news outlets about AVKO, its missions, and upcoming events that are sponsored or influenced by AVKO.  Point them to our media page.
  • Distribute AVKO Business Cards.

Ways to help AVKO achieve its goals:

  • Become a member, purchase materials, or donate.
  • Use GoodSearch and GoodShop to donate money just for searching and shopping online. 
  • Contribute articles on homeschooling, teaching language arts, dyslexia, literacy, or related topics. 
  • Review AVKO materials on book distributor websites or dedicated review or homeschooling sites.
  • Become a voting board member of the AVKO Foundation.
  • Volunteer time, experience, or expertise for the AVKO Foundation.
    • AVKO is in need of volunteers for marketing and publicity
  • Blog about AVKO on your social networking pages (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter), personal blogs (BlogSpot, etc.), and homeschooling or educational sites (Yahoo! Groups, etc.)
  • Forward AVKO newsletters to those you think could use the information. 
  • Tell all of your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else about your success with AVKO, its ease of use, and the low cost.
  • Send us feedback!  We always need comments, feedback, and suggestions for the materials.  Tell us why you love our materials, how they can be improved, if you spot a typo, or how you have customized the materials to fit your personal needs. 
    • Send in pictures of you and your child/student using the materials, writing on the white board, or doing your other homeschooling activities.   We appreciate pictures, videos, and testimonials.

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